Summer Recipes

Summer Recipes

Summer Recipes are Here! 


Summer Time is here! The heat has set in here in Birmingham and is also producing delicious summertime veggies! I look forward to the summer and enjoying an abundance of these veggies plus making other refreshing recipes to counterbalance the heat!  I’m sharing a couple of recipes below that I made this past weekend. They were fun to make and super yummy to eat. Hope you enjoy these also!



Yellow Squash


Yellow Squash is also called Yellow Zucchini and Summer Squash.

This hot-weather summer veggie can be eaten raw with hummus or dips or can be cooked in various ways:  roasted, baked, grilled and sautéed.  It is a low calorie vegetable that also has little to no fat.


Other nutritional values of Yellow Squash: 

  • Good source of Vitamin C
  • Good source of Folate, a B Vitamin
  • Loaded with Beta-Carotene, which converts to Vitamin A in your body
  • Contains the mineral, Manganese


Roasted Yellow Squash with Lemon & Thyme


Roasting Yellow Squash with Lemon is very refreshing and I loved trying this new recipe! Super easy and a fresh herbal and lemony summer taste!






Tomato & Yellow Squash Herbed Tart





This is a picture of the herbed dough pressed into the tart pan; every corner and rippled edge. This is about to go into the oven to Blind Bake. The term “Blind Bake” is a process of baking a pie crust or pastry without the filling. It is also called Baking Blind or Pre-Baking.  This is a necessary step if you are making a pie that is not going to be baked (ex – pudding or cream pie) or in this case for a tart where the filling doesn’t need to be baked as long and the crust must be fully baked.






In the meantime, I oven roasted the tomatoes and squash to top the Tart when it was ready!  After this recipe, below, I post the steps used to roast them!







Roasted Tomatoes & Yellow Squash


I used roasted tomatoes and yellow squash as a topping for this Tart. Here are the steps I used to roast these. I added them to the Tart as the last step before serving.






Potato Salad with Summer Corn


Shrimp & Cod Ceviche

Our weather in Birmingham has been in the 90s!  This hot weather calls for something cool, fresh and citrusy! This past weekend I made Ceviche for the first time and it did not disappoint! This recipe can be adjusted by adding a different fish or just making it simply with shrimp only.








Bon Appetit!