Sleep & Glow Pillow

Sleep & Glow Pillow

Traveling with my Sleep & Glow Pillow


I’ve fallen in love with my Sleep & Glow pillow! A MUST to travel with now! I’ve been on a couple of trips recently without it and ended up not sleeping well and then woke up with sleep creases on the side of my face! I decided to start traveling with my Sleep & Glow Omnia pillow! Sharing all of the details of this pillow with you below!




The Sleep & Glow OMNIA PILLOW

Did you know that when you sleep on a regular pillow, your skin can become stretched and compressed, creating morning puffiness and sleep wrinkles?

I found a pillow over a year ago that can help fight sleep wrinkles because of its design and shape. I have a fresher face when I wake up AND without the deep sleep creases on the sides of my face, nose, cheeks and under my eyes.

I sleep naturally on my sides and this causes facial indentions that were forming permanent deep lines in my face.



The Sleep & Glow OMNIA Beauty Pillow is a long-term investment, that helps you look refreshed in the morning, fight night wrinkles, fine lines, morning puffiness and neck pain. The Sleep & Glow Omnia Beauty Pillow helps save money long-term on skincare needs.


Sleep & Glow OMNIA Beauty Pillow’s awesome benefits include:

  • ✨ Fights and helps prevent night sleep wrinkles, fine lines.
  • ✨ Helps keep your skin looking younger.
  • ✨ Helps prevent and reduce morning puffiness.
  • ✨ Helps with better sleep.
  • ✨ Saves money on skincare.
  • ✨ Pillow will last 5 years.
  • ✨ Developed in collaboration with cosmetologists, orthopedists and sleep specialists.
  • ✨ NEW 3D contoured anatomical shape minimizes skin indentation when you sleep.
  • ✨ “Extra Comfort” Top Quality Memory Foam with improved memory material adjusts to your face, neck, and shoulders.
  • ✨ Provides your neck, spine, and body the healthiest sleep position and helps eliminate neck pain & stiffness.
  • ✨ Internal foam layer to adjust pillow height.
  • ✨ Comes with 1 standard, tailor-made Sleep&Glow pillowcase (top of the pillowcase is 100% Tencel, natural fabric, made of eucalyptus fiber).



The top “top-to-bottom” picture of me is sleeping on my Sleep & Glow Omnia Pillow. But then in the bottom “top-to-bottom” picture, my skin closest to the pillow shows my skin being compressed against the pillow. I had vertical lines on both side of my face between my nose/cheeks from sleeping on my side for so many years.


Over the past year I’ve seen a difference sleeping on the Sleep & Glow Omnia pillow. The deep sleep creases & wrinkles that I had are not as pronounced anymore.


The Sleep & Glow PILLOW BRA


Sleep & Glow has also developed the PILLOW BRA, which helps fight skin creases and cleavage wrinkles when sleeping on your side.



Sleep & Glow Pillow Bra’s awesome benefits include:

  • ✨ Fight skin creases and cleavage wrinkles when sleeping on your side
  • ✨ Keeps your form for better sleep
  • ✨ Made of premium materials: natural silk & lace from the outside, cotton from the inside. Filling is tiny foam balls to ensure air circulation.
  • ✨ Adjustable straps and smart cut to be suitable for up to 2X US size.
  • ✨ Packed in a beautiful box and wrapping paper – an ideal gift for you, your mom, aunts, girlfriends!





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