How to Make a Bunny Wreath

      Hoppin’ to It!


I’ve been thinking of ideas to freshen up our home as we are spending so much time here. There are many home cleaning and improvement projects that I have on my list, but wanted a few fun, creative projects, too! As we’re entering Holy Week, I put together ideas for the front door, table centerpieces and also table settings. This weekend I worked on ideas and will share more throughout this week. Below, I have shown a front door wreath idea. I hope you enjoy this and it inspires you for this special week!




How to Make a Boxwood Bunny Wreath


As I was brainstorming and researching online this weekend for front door wreath ideas, I came across a Bunny Wreath that I thought would be fun to create with items I already have at home.  Our front doors are double doors and I put together a “twin” set of Bunny Wreaths for Easter.

Supplies that I used for Bunny Wreaths

 (double this if you are making two wreaths)

  • Smaller Boxwood Wreath (7″ – 10″)
  • Larger Boxwood Wreath (18″ – 22″)
  • Bunny Ears Headband
  • Feather Ornament from Christmas for the bunny tail – Or another Pom Pom detail or even Cotton Balls
  • 2 Zip Ties
  • Burlap Fabric or any other type of Ribbon to connect the smaller & larger wreaths
  • Ribbon to Cover Burlap if you desire (I used sequin ribbon I had leftover from Christmas. I would have used this instead of the burlap but the sequin ribbon would not tie well, so that is why I used the sturdy burlap instead)
  • Contrasting Ribbon for Bunny Bowtie (I used pink polka dot ribbon leftover from Christmas — you can use same ribbon above or omit a bowtie)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun


I have preserved boxwood wreaths I use for different occasions for our front doors. I also have smaller ones that I use indoors for decoration during the holidays and throughout the year. I put these two sizes together to make the bunny wreaths. After Easter, I can take these a part to continue to use my boxwood wreaths for other occasions.


Click HERE for 8″ Boxwood Wreath

Click HERE for 22″ Boxwood Wreath


There are infinite ideas if you have other wreaths at home. Vine wreaths, moss wreaths, artificial greenery or tinsel wreaths and more. But you would need two sizes: one smaller size for the head and a larger size for the body of the bunny.

I used boxwood wreaths that I had at home already, along with sets of Bunny Ears I bought a few years ago at Target in the dollar bin area for my dogs’ Easter picture wearing bunny ears.



Click HERE Bunny Ears Headband



I took two zip-ties and attached the bunny ear headbands to the back of the smaller boxwood wreath, making sure that the hanger is positioned at the top and centered to hang properly and also position the bunny ears to be centered. The zip-ties were tied to the back wires of the boxwood wreath so that they do not show attached when turned over to the front.



Then, cut the excess of the zip ties so these do not show when hanging on the door.




Next, I took burlap ribbon scraps and tied the small boxwood wreath and larger boxwood wreath together. You could possibly also use a zip-tie to connect the two wreaths, but I liked the idea of the burlap instead.




A Happy Entrance

I wanted to use sequin ribbon to cover the burlap that tied the two wreaths together and a contrasting ribbon for the bunny bow tie. You can also use the same ribbon for both.





Cut the contrasting ribbon and hot glue together or if no hot glue gun, use a safety pin or sewing pin into the wreath. If using a hot glue gun, be careful not to burn your fingers. I did this a couple of times. Have cold water nearby to soak your fingers quickly!


Flip the two wreaths over and check to make sure everything is centered. Then, hot glue the feather ball ornament to the bottom left side of the larger wreath for the Bunny Tail. Since I made two wreaths, I put the Bunny Tail on the bottom left for the left door wreath and the Bunny Tail on the bottom right for the right door wreath to mirror the Bunny Wreaths.



I chose a pink polka dot ribbon in contrast to the gold sequin ribbon to make the Bow Tie.




Shape the ribbon into two loops for a bow and cut off the excess.



Then, wrap a piece of the ribbon around the center of the bowtie to cover the center.  Hot glue the center pieces together on the back side of the bow tie.







Hot Glue the Bow Tie to the center of the contrasting fabric to complete the look!