Easter Recipes

6 Easter Recipe Ideas


Our table is set and it’s time to prepare our Easter meal!  ???  I chose recipes that Bart and I could enjoy since it is just the two of us at home during this Quarantine time. Below are recipes I’ll be making for this holiday. I hope these may be enjoyed by you and your family or just to inspire ideas for your Easter holiday meal!  Wishing you all a Happy Easter! Stay healthy & safe!





I have a stack of magazine pages I’ve torn out over the years and put them in a folder. During this Quarantine time, I have been going through this folder and also my cookbooks to get inspiration for meal ideas.  I sometimes use the same recipe listed, but often I like to switch up the recipes, add or subtract ingredients and make it my own.



Deviled Eggs



I have a few recipes that my Grandmother made growing up and thankful to have these to continue to prepare.

One is a simple recipe for Deviled Eggs. It is always a favorite!



A fancy take on a deviled egg recipe includes Truffle Oil. I thought this would be a great recipe for this Easter holiday.





This Asparagus Tartlet is a wonderful recipe for an Easter meal because it will make a beautiful presentation and is delicious!  This is a great Easter recipe for Breakfast, Brunch or even Dinner.


Main Dishes!

Since it’s just the two of us eating, these recipes are great to adjust and make into smaller portions. Or make the full recipe and have leftovers for the next few days! I eat fish and Bart eats meat and fish. I wanted to make a little of both so he can enjoy a recipe with meat.


This salmon recipe seemed like a perfect one to make for Easter.

I plan on making the whole amount to have salmon salad and more as leftovers the following days.




Strawberry Lemon Mimosa


This is a Mimosa with a twist! I loved the idea of adding strawberries and a touch of lemon to the regular mimosa recipe.