Boozy Frosé

Boozy Frosé

Summer Rosé


National Rosé Day is celebrated the 2nd Saturday in June each year.  It’s a day to celebrate a red wine that identifies more like a white wine with a pink color. This beautifully colored wine is a perfect summer choice, whether you prefer your rosé still or bubbly, sweet or dry…raise your glass today….Cheers! I’m sharing a few Boozy Frosé recipes below.  These will take your regular Rosé to an even more refreshing and frozen treat…Frosé!



What is Rosé?


How does rosé wine get the beautiful pink color?

Rosé Wine receives this pink color from the juice’s contact with the skin of red grapes. Winemakers create a rosé wine by juicing red grapes then allowing the juice to soak for a shorter timeframe of two or three days with the skins.  When the wine gets to a pink color that is desired, the winemaker removes the skins and then the juice will ferment to create a delicious rosé. Beautiful Rosé wine colors range from: deep pink, medium pink, pale pink, coral pinks and also light to dark orangish-pink salmon colors.


Frozen Rosé


Our weather in Birmingham is already almost into the 90s!  This hot weather calls for something cool and refreshing like a glass of chilled rosé or, even better, a glass of FROZEN rosé!!  Frosé is a perfect patio cocktail or a poolside treat! If you are a Rosé lover, then Frosé is for you!


Boozy Frosé Recipe



1 bottle Rosé wine, 750mL

1/4 cup  –  1/2 cup Vodka

2-3 Tbsp fresh lemon juice

1/4 cup sugar, or more to taste

1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries; hulled, quartered

Garnish of strawberries & lemons


To make Boozy Frosé:

  • Combine all ingredients in a blender; blend until smooth
  • Pour into a freezer-safe pitcher or container 
  • Freeze for a few hours for a slushy consistency
  • OR Freeze overnight, take out and allow to sit at room temp for 20 min
  • Pour or Spoon into glasses
  • Garnish with strawberries & lemon slices
  • Cheers! 


Limoncello Frosé Recipe


Here’s a fun Frosé recipe that includes homemade Limoncello from my recent blog post that you can find here…HOW TO MAKE LIMONCELLO











Strawberry-Lavender Frosé


Last year, I made this POOLSIDE Strawberry-Lavender Frosé and it was delicious!  Wanted to share this Relaxing and Refreshing Summer recipe also!  ???