Better Beauty Sleep

Better Beauty Sleep

8 Tips for Better Beauty Sleep



Beauty Sleep! Want to get as much as possible, right?!


Trying to slow the aging process and get great rest at the same time is ideal.  Sleep is not only crucial for great mental health but also physical health too. Good sleep repairs cells and the appearance of our skin, helping to prevent wrinkles and inflammation and also helps to stimulate muscle growth, even helps inhibit fat production.


I know many of my girlfriends that say that they do not sleep well and I am also one of them! Ever since I went into menopause, I just don’t have the same sleep as I did before!


Here are tips below to help sleep more soundly each night for more beauty sleep!





8 Tips to Help Sleep More Soundly…

& Get Better Beauty Sleep


  • Track Each Night’s Sleep
  • Skip the Alcohol
  • Drink Hot Herbal Tea
  • Take a Warm Bath
  • Wash Your Face
  • Use Hydrating Facial Moisturizers
  • Upgrade to the Omnia Copper Skin Defense Pillow
  • Sleep at a Cooler Temp


Track Each Night’s Sleep



I bought a Garmin Fenix GPS Watch the day before the NYC Marathon in 2021 and had no idea how to start it the next day, asking a few men around me to help me get it started before the race! Haha! Now, I love it so much, I don’t want to take it off.  Not only does it track my running with pace, distance, altitude, heart rate and more, but also many other types of workouts.


I love keeping up with my steps each day and calories burned, but also my sleep score each night. It will even break down the each night’s sleep cycle: Light, Deep, REM and even when you were awake. The sleep timeline metrics show what time you fell asleep and what time you wake up. Beauty sleep happens mostly in the Deep Sleep phase of the sleep cycle when the body repairs itself and has impact on physical parts of your interior and exterior body, including muscles, tissues and skin. 


When my sleep score is above 80, I’m so happy. A high score ensures to me that I had a good night’s sleep and my body recovered and repaired well. Sadly, my score is in the 60s and 70s often and sometimes even in the 50s. Trying to improve my sleep score and get more Beauty Sleep!


Here is a link to a Garmin GPS Fenix watch if you are also interested in one!

Garmin GPS Fenix Watch


Garmin fenix 7S Solar Multisport GPS Smartwatch product image





Skip the Glass of Wine or Cocktail


I have many times decided that glass or two of wine at dinner was a good idea, but when I wake up at 4am and cannot go back to sleep, I wish I had skipped the wine at dinner! Anyone else have this happen?


Alcohol reduces REM sleep as well as overall rest. It causes blood vessels to dilate and increase swelling in the body. Alcohol also dehydrates your body and depletes collagen.  Collagen is what we need for our skin to stay plump and decrease the lines in our skin. The more alcohol we drink, the more our collagen doesn’t regenerate and leaves our skin more susceptible to lines forming.



Drink Hot Herbal Tea 


I love drinking a herbal hot tea to help wind down before bedtime. Research shows it helps decrease stress and anxiety which can help you fall asleep quicker and is best to drink 45 minutes to an hour before bedtime.


But, does anyone wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom 1-3 times? I do! I get up sometimes up to 3 times to go the bathroom. I love to drink a decaffeinated herbal hot tea every night before bed and trying to do this even earlier so I can go to the bathroom before bedtime to eliminate the need to go in the middle of the night!


My favorite bedtime tea is by Aveda called Comforting Tea



A discount code for Aveda is linked here also

Aveda Discount Link




Take a Warm Bath



Research suggests about about a 30 minute warm bath one or two hours before bedtime will change your body’s core temperature. By warming and then cooling your core temperature, it signals your body that it’s time for bed (circadian rhythm) and helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

I love to take a bath about once a week and add about 3-4 cups of epsom salts to help relax my muscles more and help improve my sleep.



Wash Your Face


It’s important at night before bedtime to wash your face. Removing makeup, oil and bacteria from your face is important so that you’re not transferring it to your pillowcase which will remain there until the next night or the next time you wash your pillowcase and sheets!


My favorite foaming face wash is linked here:




Use Hydrating Facial Moisturizers


Our skin is about 15% of our body weight and is the largest organ of our body! So giving it proper care and nutrition is vital.  I read where about 50% of women’s bodies are water. Drinking water for your health is so important!

Along with water, finding the right night time skin care products can also help your skin look healthier and brighter for the next day. Hydrating facial moisturizers and skin care products can help boost your skin and lock in moisture and fight dryness.

If you live in a drier climate or if it’s the winter when the heater is on and the air is dryer in the home, a humidifier may also be helpful to keep skin plump!




Upgrade to the Sleep & Glow

Omnia Copper Skin Defense Pillow


I’m obsessed with my Sleep&Glow pillow.  Since I have been using the pillow, I have slept better, eliminated my previous neck pain and don’t have sleep creases or puffiness when I wake up in the morning. This has been one of my favorite investments for myself and call it my Beauty Sleep Pillow!!


And now Sleep&Glow has introduced the Omnia Copper Skin Defense Pillow. This new pillow is reinforced by the innovative and technological copper pillowcase where copper threads are woven into the Tencel pillowcase, preserving all the natural strength of the copper molecule.  And this antibacterial effect won’t come out in the wash, unlike fabrics with copper infusion/ionization.




Now Sleep&Glow has made the Omnia pillow even more beneficial!



3 scientific beauty benefits from the properties of copper:


  • Copper reduces skin inflammation and rashes by preventing harmful bacteria and other organisms from spreading
  • Provides a strong anti-acne effect: copper prevents acne by killing “Propionibacterium acne”, an acne-causing bacteria that lives on the face
  • Reduces wrinkle depth: copper stimulates the production of collagen (the main protein responsible for skin smoothness and elasticity).





Did you know that when you sleep on a regular pillow, your skin can become stretched and compressed, creating morning puffiness and sleep wrinkles?



The Sleep&Glow Omnia Copper Skin Defense PILLOW


I sleep naturally on my side and it was causing permanent deep lines & facial indentions on my face.


When I started sleeping on the Sleep&Glow Omnia pillow over a couple of years ago, I began noticing a difference. Since using this pillow, I wake up with a fresher face AND without deep sleep creases on the sides of my face, nose, cheeks and under my eyes.




Sleep&Glow OMNIA Copper Skin Defense Pillow’s Benefits Include:


  • Fights and helps prevent night sleep wrinkles, fine lines & morning puffiness.
  • Helps stimulate production of collagen.
  • Reduces skin inflammation and rashes by preventing harmful bacteria from spreading.
  • Helps keep your skin looking younger and refreshed.
  • Provides your neck, spine, and body the healthiest sleep position and helps eliminate neck pain & stiffness.
  • Long-Term investment.
  • Saves money on skincare.
  • Pillow will last 5 years.




The special design and shape of the Omnia pillow helps fight sleep wrinkles because it reduces contact of your face on the pillow and prevents and fights sleep wrinkles and morning puffiness.





The “top-to-bottom” picture of me below shows the difference of sleeping on my Sleep&Glow Omnia Copper Skin Defense Pillow and then on a regular pillow. The top picture shows my neck straight and the side of my face not smooshed and creased. But then in the bottom picture, my neck is more curved and not straight and my skin closest to the pillow shows being compressed against the pillow. I had vertical lines on both side of my face between my nose/cheeks from sleeping on my side for so many years.




The past couple of years, I’ve seen a difference sleeping on the Sleep&Glow pillow. The deep sleep creases & wrinkles that I had are not as pronounced anymore from all of the years I had been sleeping on a regular pillow.




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I love my Omnia Copper Skin Defense pillow by Sleep&Glow so much that I travel with it. It’s a must to travel with now! I went on a couple of trips without it and ended up not sleeping well and then woke up with sleep creases on the side of my face that lasted for over an hour after I woke up!  So, I decided to start traveling with my Sleep&Glow pillow and it makes such a difference now!


Sleep at a Cooler Temp



When I went into menopause, I began to have hot flashes, terrible night sweats and not be able to sleep well. I was miserable and started to research how to stay cooler especially at night when I went to bed.


At night, our body naturally drops our temperature to tell us to it’s time to slow down and get some sleep. Keeping your bedroom warmer may alter you falling asleep by telling your body it’s not ready to cool down and sleep. The warmer room may also increase the likelihood of not sleeping well through the night.


By keeping your room or bed cooler, the cooler temps can help improve your overall sleep quality.  Studies show that the ideal temp for your bedroom is 60 to 68 degrees F.  These temperatures promote sleep by telling your body to produce melatonin. By sleeping in cooler temps, it can help you go to sleep faster, stay asleep and also sleep longer.



I researched and found a sleep system called Ooler that has control units available for each side of the bed and the control units are a size that that can also fit neatly under your bed. The control unit is filled with distilled water and sends water through connective tubing that attaches to a mattress pad on your bed. The mattress pad can then control your sleep climate with cooler or even warmer temps.


  • The OOLER’s advanced active cooling technology keeps your bed at the perfect temp all night—as low as 55°F & up to 110°F!
  • Use the OOLER app to schedule temperature pre-sets, adjust your fan speed, and to setup and use the Warm Awake feature.
  • Customize your sleep schedule with automated temperature adjustments throughout the night to provide optimal sleep.




When I found the Ooler Sleep System, I wanted to try it immediately! We have a dual sided sleep system: Bart controls the temp on his side of the bed and I control the temp on my side. I also love using the app and creating a schedule of temperatures and times through the night. I start the temperature warmer when I get in the bed and then schedule it to gradually drop in temp to stay cool while I sleep. It has made a major difference in my sleep and also reducing hot flashes!!